Desktop App

Tired of manually uploading builds? Share your updates faster, and with less friction. TestFlight's Desktop App auto-detects new iOS archives and dSYMs as they're created. Choose individual testers or an entire list, and notify them with a single click.

Download for Mac OS X v1.0 (308) Mac OS X 10.7 or higher
Released on September 6, 2013

Archive Detection

TestFlight Desktop App will automatically notify you of any new iOS archives and also provide you with access to the most recent archived apps straight from the menu bar.

dSYM Detection

Want symbolicated crashes and tired of manually uploading dSYMs? Let the desktop app find the correct dSYM and upload it automatically.

Permit and Notify

Choose your testers directly or via your distribution lists. Set permissions and notify all with a single click.

Faster Uploads

All the heavy lifting is done by TestFlight's Desktop App so it can upload directly to our Content Delivery Network at maximum speed. If your connection goes down midway you can resume the upload once it's up again.