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Beta test apps for screendepartment!

It's so great to have you here and that you want to join the beta test for our game! Just be sure you have at least one of these iOS devices to gain access:

-> iPhone4S or better
-> iPod touch 5G
-> iPad2 or better

Remember - this is a pre-release beta program! We need your feedback to help refine the experience, and so we know what's working and what isn't. Where bugs are popping up, and what you love and hate. You may receive updates every few days or weeks.

Thank you so much for taking an early look at something our team is really excited to share.

Hope you have fun and a good time trying out STINGOUT!

Chris Hoppe
screendepartment GbR, Germany

Feel free to share these links:

-> (watch the new gameplay trailer)
-> (this recruitment site)


TestFlight is a free app, which you install on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. The TestFlight app registers your device and automatically creates the needed files to run STINGOUT on your specific device. TestFlight also sends you notifications as soon as new versions are available.

This is how it works:

-> After filling out the registration form below, you will receive an email from TestFlight (IMPORTANT: PLEASE OPEN THAT EMAIL ON YOUR iOS DEVICE!)
-> By clicking the button in that email, you can register your device.
-> As soon as your STINGOUT beta is available, you'll get notified. This will take some time.
-> To install the beta, you just need to click a link and you're done!

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